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Explore our vacuum truck for sale- high quality, efficient collecting fly ash, dust and sewage. Perfect for industrial ash removal. Competitive price. Contact us now for pricing and details? 
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Vacuum truck for sale: high quality, efficient collecting fly ash, dust and sewage


Welcome to our premier destination for high-quality vacuum trucks for sale. If you're in the market for a reliable and efficient solution for collecting fly ash, dust, and sewage, you've come to the right place. Our vacuum trucks are engineered to meet the most demanding industrial needs, ensuring a clean and efficient operation for your business. Read on to discover why our vacuum trucks are the top choice for industries requiring superior fly ash, dust, and sewage collection.

Benefits when you choose Our Vacuum Trucks:

    1. Exceptional Quality:

Our vacuum trucks are built to last. Crafted with precision and high-quality materials (Japanese steel), they are designed to withstand rugged conditions and provide long-lasting performance. When you invest in our vacuum trucks, you're investing in a reliable asset for your business.

High quality steel material to make tank body

    1. Efficient Fly Ash Collection:

Fly ash can be a challenging material to handle, but our vacuum trucks are up to the task. Equipped with powerful vacuum systems, they efficiently collect fly ash, reducing downtime and ensuring a cleaner workspace. High-pressure water pump sprays water in mist form to help extinguish dust in the tank, liquefy them and cool the hot air entering the system.

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High pressure water pump to liquefy dust and cooling vacuum pump

    1. Dust Control:

Just like fly ash, dirt also has a similar treatment method: Effective dust control is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. Our vacuum trucks are equipped with advanced dust collection systems that minimize airborne particles, keeping your operation compliant with industry regulations.

To protect the vacuum pump - the heart of the system, we equip a highly effective filtration system, which helps separate water and clean the air stream before entering the vacuum pump.

filter system to separate water and clean the air stream before entering the vacuum pump

Sparepart filters

    1. Sewage Management:

When it comes to sewage collection, our vacuum trucks are second to none. With robust tanks and efficient suction capabilities, they can handle sewage removal tasks with ease. Whether you're in construction, wastewater management, or municipal services, our trucks are the ideal choice. Robuschi pump was equipped that is top-high quality, powerful, high-pressure and large flow.

Sewage function

    1. Customization Options:

We understand that each industry has unique requirements. That's why we offer customization options to tailor our vacuum trucks to your specific needs. From tank size to specialized attachments, we can create the perfect solution for your business: chassis truck as required, suction pump with flow capacity to suit needs, equipped with accessories according to job characteristics.

Full options for extra functions

    1. Operator-Friendly and highly ergonomic Design:

Our vacuum trucks are designed with operators in mind. Intuitive controls and ergonomic features make them easy to use, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity. With many years of experience in providing equipment for the environmental sanitation industry, we understand better than anyone the characteristics of equipment operators, their work habits, what they need, what equipment they want, ... thereby achieving an ergonomic design that brings the highest satisfaction to the user: easy to access, easy to operate, fast operation, high performance while still ensuring maximum safety.

Highly ergonomic design

    1. Exceptional Service and Support:

The vacuum truck is a special specialized equipment, so there needs to be a corresponding special support policy.When you choose our vacuum trucks, you're not just getting a product; you're getting a partner. We offer comprehensive service and support to ensure your equipment performs at its best throughout its lifespan.


Keys specification of vacuum truck for sales

The overview of vacuum truck

Working principle of the vacuum truck

  • Chassis truck: high quality, durable, reliable,... from global brands Isuzu, Hino, UD, Man, Hyundai,...
  • Tank capacity volume: 4, 8, …12 cube meter (CBM) according to the base vehicle's loading capacity and work needs
  • Vacuum pump: Depending on the required pressure and flow, we can equip vane or lobe suction pumps from famous European brands: Robuschi, Battioni,…: vacuum pressure from 85 to 95%, flow from 0.5 m3/h to 4.5000 m3/h.

Vacuum pump Robuschi- top high quality, powerful, large flow, tough and reliable

  • High pressure pump: Depending on the needs of the job, whether we suck up fly ash or dirt or not, we are equipped with a highpressure water pump. If it is just normal waste suction, there is no need to equip this pump to save costs.
  • High efficiently filter system: Just like water pumps, depending on whether the job needs to suck up fly ash and dirt or not, we equip an additional filtration system to protect the suction pump, as well as clean the air before returning into the environment.
  • Valve and pipeline system: suction valve system, exhaust valve, pipeline,... quality, durable, highly safe and easy to use.
  • Safety devices: air cooling for vacuum pump, silencer, relive vale for tank body, manhole for maintenance inside tank, anti-fall bar for body tank for repair and maintenance, gauges, time counter,…
  • Acessories and options: washing gun, hand washing water tank, hazards lamp,…

Research, develop (R&D) and continuously improve our vacuum trucks

Your satisfaction with the quality of your vacuum truck, as well as the economic efficiency that the product brings you is our pride and motivation for development. With the desire to always make products better than the best products we have, learn, research and always accept your opinions.

Case Studies: We always build regular contact with customers after ordering products. It's not just about providing after-sales service, it's also about listening to customers' opinions and wishes, improving products to be more user-friendly and highly ergonomic, improving and improving further.

Maintenance and Care Tips: Our throughout design language is manufacturing for use, simple use, effective use, easy access to all systems for maintenance and repair. Simple or advanced tools as needed.

Environmental Benefits: We always follow the basic principle: vehicles serving environmental sanitation must first be environmentally friendly. That's why we always focus on the performance of the equipment, the least emissions into the environment, and the most environmentally friendly.

Safety Features: Safety first. Every job, every device, must first be safe for the user, followed by safety for the equipment. Equipping safety features is our mandatory design.

Customer Testimonials: We always receive reviews and feedback from valued customers. There are even unexpected reviews beyond customers' imagination about the quality of our products." Good- Very good quality- Why did you deliver to us this imported product?- You have not introduced to us this amazing feature-..." Those are the responses that make us proud, and at the same time pressure us to do better.

Comparative Analysis Outperform your competitors: With domestic competitors, it is difficult for anyone to compare with us in terms of quality. Compared to competitors in industrialized countries, our prices are extremely competitive, but the quality is not inferior.

Industry News and Updates: "Study, study more, study forever - Lenin" is our motto. Furthermore, to share to develop together, please regularly read the "Blog" on our website to share and experience together.

Call-to-Action (CTA): Please keep in touch with us? Tell us what is your problem? What is your idea? What do you need? What is your work condition? What is your What is your concern?

We will find the solution together!

Your trust supplier in sanitation environment equipments

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